DermaSafe – Stretch Mark & Scar Defense Therapy

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Try The #1 Stretch Mark Cream And Scar Removal Therapy From DermaSafe

Get the best value in skin care with this body cream

- Aloe Vera is the base ingredient in all DermaSafe Products.

- DermaSafe Formulates all it products for specific skin care needs and with clinically tested ingredients proven to be safe and most effective with the help of nature and science

Aloe Vera Facts and Benefits

- The Aloe Vera plant has over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds. The active compounds include: 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids.

- Aloe has the ability to provide the skin with water-binding abilities, thereby restoring and retaining moisture. This also helps reduce fine lines.

- Further research suggests that Aloe Vera increases the skin's support protein, collagen (which keeps skin firm and youthful looking), by increasing human fibroblast cells six to eight times faster than normal cell production

The Safest, And Most Effective Stretch Mark And Scar Removal Solution Backed By Science.

Benefits of Peptides

-Palmitoyl-Tetrapeptide-7 is comprised of four amino acids that suppress the production of excess interleukins, the chemical messengers which trigger the body's acute inflammatory response. This cream boosts the skin's support system, comprised of collagen, elastin and other proteins that aid in reversing marks, scars, wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone.

-Oligopeptide leads to the production of both collagen and hyaluronic acid well below the skin's surface and has been shown to kick start the repair process of stretch marks and scars.

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  • ✔ SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Want to get rid of those pesky marks and scars? Works great for before and after pregnancy and as scars removal cream for weight loss or gain, muscle build up, acne scar or injury. Paraben Free! Great for women and men.
  • ✔ PENETRATING, MOISTURIZING, NOURISHING - Our proprietary blend of clinically tested and proven ingredients forms a luxurious, rich, non-greasy lotion that works great as a wrinkle treatment for fine lines and as a blemish remover that helps with the skin's elastin to promote healing from deep within.
  • ✔ HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS - From Organic Aloe to the peptides used for repair work with all the natural ingredients to soften and smooth the skin.
  • ✔ THIS IS A DIFFERENT STRETCH MARK AND SCAR REMOVAL CREAM - It does not use cocoa butter to just soften up scars. It has no cocoa butter at all in it. It uses ALOE VERA! More effective at hydrating and penetrating for maximum healing to really diminish those tiger stripes and soften skin tone and texture.
  • ✔ MADE IN THE USA - All of our products are proudly made here in the USA and never animal tested and come with a manufacturers guarantee.

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